Flocking Sim: Progress

Decided to sit down today and try to complete the flocking task (since its overdue). To start with I added all of the data options to the configuration tool. This put the total data entries being sent to the simulation up to 98. Once the data was in the form I was able to convert it into my flockData[] int array. On the simulation side I changed all the default data settings to access data from the input array sent from the form. Because of the method I used it was easy enough to add the data since each element in the array matched a named enumerator on both code sides.


I didn’t have the time to test that each individual setting is converting correctly. I did however change the size of the objects and alter the number of agents which had an obvious effect on the simulation to show that it’s working.


First window is the default, second is with the changes listed in the third. You can see the rectangle object is on the other side of the start point, and the dimensions are changed to be less square.


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