Personal Progress – Studio 3

With the trimester drawing to a close it’s time for another post about where I’m at and where I’m going. Since this is the last studio unit I’ll be doing I need to look toward my goals after graduation rather than just going into next trimester. I mentioned in my last one of these posts that I wanted to focus on learning other languages. Over the course of this trimester I’ve worked with C# Windows Forms, as well as a little bit of lua and node.js. Between studio and final project I also got to work on a lot more project management documentation, working with Trello and UML (using were areas of documentation I hadn’t taken as much part in before this trimester.

In terms of next trimester I want to get my resume and portfolio updated (which need to be done for internships anyway) as well as build my own website to host this blog and further expand my skills. Beyond next trimester I’m still looking at indie development as my primary goal. I have a couple of ideas I want to prototype to see if they’re worth pursuing. Even if I don’t take them further than that they could be used as additional portfolio pieces. There may also be an opportunity in documenting the development of these prototypes through twitch/youtube to build an audience and help get attention for any projects I decide to pursue further.

I’ve been doing some research to see what existing indie studios do to try and mitigate loss and ensure they can keep pursuing game development as a career. Lost Gardens article talks about chance of success and needing to produce multiple failures for each successful game. They also mention heavy use of prototypes to help determine a concepts chance of success before investing in it fully. Simon Roth has a video that talks about using marketing and PR research to get a better idea of potential sales and improve visibility of your product. They both have similar messages in that research and proper planning are paramount to increasing your chance of success. They also talk about the time benefits of using third party marketing companies to more effectively target your audience, or just using tools to make it more efficient. I’ve also been reading the Game Career Guide 2015 which has an interesting article about getting funding for your game by targeting new platforms.

To sum up I want to take some time after graduating to prototype some small ideas and expand my portfolio. I’ll continue to apply for any positions in the local games industry or software development in general that I may be suitable for, as any experience I can gain early will be valuable. Since I already have some experience working with youtube/twitch I will also look at ways to document my processes and potentially build an audience/supplement my income that way.


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