Reflective Presentation – Studio 3

Ray Tracer Optimisation


  • Threading

Learned how to use OpenMP and some of the issues of threading/need for thread safety. Also how altering the order of loops can increase/decrease render times.

Draw Client


  • Networking
    • Created wrapper class for network code
  • SFML
  • Heatmaps

Had used SFML in the past but hadn’t really made anything with it. First time working with networking, templates, and creating generic wrapper classes. Taking data and outputting images (heatmap).

Affective Programming

  • Working with existing code bases (eyeLike)
  • Writing C# bindings for C++ code
  • Networking between Unity and C++

Problem solving around getting C++ functionality into Unity in some way.

Flocking Simulation


  • Optimisation
    • Threading
    • Restructuring loops
    • Lowering detection ranges
    • Wrapping
  • Configuration
    • C# Windows Forms
      • Saving/Loading from file
      • Launching C++ Applications with Arguments
    • Sending data between Applications
  • Metrics
    • Heatmaps

HeatMap - Complex02

Used POCO threads as an alternative to OpenMP. Experimented with different methods of improving performance, most of which didn’t work. First time using C# outside of Unity. First time using Arguments when launching a program with code. Getting all the input data from the form to the simulation. Expanded on my heat map stuff from draw client. Worked out how to expand the points outward to create a more standard heat map effect. Had some issues when it came to changing colour based on frequency.

Open Data


  • SQL Queries
  • CSV to KML Converter

Hadn’t used SQL before, found it interesting to use and quite useful. Wrote an XML save/load script in Unity last trimester for In My Image so I had little trouble expanding that to work with CSV and KML.

Hex Chess (Boardgame server)

  • Documentation
    • Trello
    • UML
  • Designing a system that accepts modular functionality
    • Lua for modules

Mostly documentation work on this project. Have started on the Lua module but don’t have it at a working stage yet.


Work we did in class last week with Node Package Manager and Mongo.

What you have learnt about your own practice during the trimester?

I’ve struggled with losing motivation when working on projects that I don’t find particularly interesting. I realised I need to stop relying on that motivation and work on developing the discipline to regularly work on projects. While I felt my time management skills had improved last trimester I found that it was heavily dependent on the projects I was working on. Trello ended up being a big help in this area, being able to tick of individual sections within a project and see it moving towards completion.

What you plan to do to improve next trimester?

I want to get a better understanding of web development to expand my language set and create my own website to host my blog/portfolio. I also want to get some practice in rapid prototyping, both in terms of quickly and concisely documenting what I want to achieve and then maintaining a schedule to complete it. I would also like to look into SQL a little more as I’m undecided if I like it or not.


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